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    Kubota M6 Series Tractor M6-101

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    Kubota M6 Series Tractor M6-101

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    Product Description

    Kubota M6 Series Tractor M6-101

    The Kubota M6 Series M6-101 Tractor delivers optimal performance and easy operation with new clean emissions engines and enhanced ergonomics.

     Kubota M6-101 Tractor Features Include:

    • Grand X CAB - The M6 boasts one of the largest cabs in its class. We removed the center pillars and rounded the glass increasing both interior height and width to provide a more spacious feel. Wide-opening doors provide easier access while the unobstructed ceiling and fully flat floor guarantee more head- and legroom for a higher level of comfort even during long hours behind the wheel.
    • Tilt and Telescopic Power Steering - offers the ideal driving position while power steering makes steering easier even in rough terrain.
    • Deluxe Air-ride Seat - equipped with a reclining and automatic height and weight control Air-ride seat that’s especially designed to absorb shock and reduce operator fatigue.
    • Deluxe Heating and Air Conditioner - The rounded cab and strategically placed ventilation ducts optimize airflow for year-round comfort.
    • Roof Panel - offers a clear view above making it especially handy when raising the front loader. The roof is also tilt adjustable for fresh-air ventilation.
    • Ergonomically Designed Cab - is designed for great operating comfort. All displays, levers and controls – including those for audio and air conditioning – are strategically located on the right console or around the steering wheel for easy access and intuitive operation.
    • Hydraulic Shuttle Lever - Cleverly located behind the steering wheel, the one-touch hydraulic shuttle lever allows easy shifting between forward and reverse while keeping both hands on the wheel.
    • Operating Levers with Armrest - Operating levers and switches for controlling hydraulics and shifts offer an ergonomically-designed armrest to increase ease of use and reduce fatigue.
    • Swivel Seat - Equipped with an adjustable air-suspension system, contoured, and generously padded, you'll ride comfortably on your deluxe air-ride seat with swivel.
    • Intelli-Shift Transmission - For maximum versatility, the 24F/24R Intelli-Shift transmission features an 8-speed powershift with a 3-speed, hi/mid/low range for 24 gears in forward and reverse. A convenient single lever operates both the powershift and range shift. Upshift and downshift are also at the touch of a button. A sophisticated microprocessor enables smooth, fatigue-free power-shifting, and generous gear overlap means less changing of gears during operation.
    • Auto Mode - enables automatic shifting to maximize performance when your load or terrain changes. In Travel mode, the gears will be adjusted depending on road conditions and amount of acceleration; uphill and downhill. In Field mode, a downshift of 2 gears occurs once the three-point hitch has been raised. Field mode also keeps drops in PTO revolution to a minimum when the PTO switch is engaged.
    • Work Kruise - feature an electronic governor that electronically keeps the engine revolution constant, preventing drops in PTO speed and enabling stable operation. Used with the transmission’s Auto Mode feature, Work Kruise makes working with PTO-driven implements much more efficient.
    • RPM Dual Memory - can pre-set and save up to two frequently used engine RPM settings. So whether you have a favorite setting for PTO work, front loader work, or changing directions, your Kubota runs just the way you want, without having to adjust the throttle.
    • Rev-limiter Control Dial - easily regulate engine revolution in 10 RPM increments.
    • Dash Panel - upgraded dash panel to include an LCD and more information than ever before. All of the important functional data is yours at a glance, to keep you up-to-date on the job.
    • Side Digital LCD Panel - precise control of your fieldwork, such as when spraying, by indicating travel speed and PTO RPM. It’s conveniently located on your right, within easy view.
    • Bi-Speed Turn - When the front wheels exceed a turning angle of about 35˚, Kubota’s Bi-Speed Turn rotates the front wheels at a rate of speed nearly twice that of the rear wheels. The result is a smoother, tighter turn, allowing you to turn into rows on your first attempt, or to easily maneuver around livestock yards or buildings.
    • Bevel-Gear Front Axle - enables the tractors to achieve a tight turning radius, thanks to a generous 50˚ wheel-turning angle, enabling easy handling in varying conditions. The bevel gear design eliminates open U-joints and all components are hermetically sealed in oil.
    • Electro-Hydraulic Differential Locks - engage the electro-hydraulic differential locks on both front and rear wheels to achieve positive traction—and you’re up and out and back on the job.
    • High Crop Clearance - To offer one of the highest crop clearance in their class, the front axle propeller shaft passes through the engine oil pan to provide ample clearance.
    • Front Suspension System - The front suspension helps give you a comfortable ride and stable and precise operation. It works seamlessly with a shock absorber to smoothly negotiate rough terrain. (Available as a factory option for M6-141 only)
    • Auto 2WD - Select the Auto 4WD mode, and your M6 tractor automatically switches from 4WD to 2WD when the traveling speed exceeds 12.5mph (20km/h). 4WD will re-engaged when the traveling speed falls below 10.5mph (17km/h). Auto 4WD not only lets you move smoothly at high range, but also saves fuel and reduces tire wear.
    • Hydraulic Flow Valves and Auxiliary Control Valve - M6 Series tractors have high-flow, 18.7 gpm (M6-101/M6-111) and 20.4 gpm (M6-131/M6-141) hydraulic pump. Two remote valves come standard—an SCD/Self-Canceling Detent and FD/Float-type valve. The maximum installation is 4 valves.
    • Individual Flow Control Valve (2 valves Standard, up to 4 Optional) - The standard individual flow control valve allows the hydraulic flow to be adjusted independently for up to 4 auxiliary control valves so each valve together or the valves and 3-point hitch can be operated simultaneously. The oil flow rate is easily regulated by adjusting each flow control dial.
    • Hydraulic System - equipped with gear-type hydraulic pumps. An external hydraulic cylinder improves lifting force and eases maintenance, while the adoption of an unload valve minimizes loss to hydraulic pressure to exert greater power during PTO operations when the 3-point hitch is not in use.
    • One-piece Full-open Hood - opens for easy access to the engine for maintenance. The hood is also slanted to increase visibility.
    • Wrap-around Front Grill - The smooth, flat, and easy-to-clean front grill design prevents hay, straw, and grass from getting caught inside the tractor. And, by allowing a high volume of air to flow in, the engine stays cooler.
    • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance - For fast cleaning, the sliding, louverless-type AC condenser and condenser net can be removed in a snap. The flat surface of the battery and tray also makes serviceability easier.
    • Air Filter - A large capacity air filter prevents harmful particulate matter from entering the cylinders to keep your tractor running for years on end.
    • Quad Front Lamps - Two main head lights at the bottom and two work lights on the top of front mask increase visibility especially in dark and inclement conditions.
    • Front Loader Joystick - Located in the control console for smooth and effortless shifting and better forward visibility, the Front Loader Joystick greatly simplifies front loader operation so you can concentrate more on the work ahead. The Series Circuit makes possible simultaneous boom and bucket operation while the Regenerative Bucket Dump Circuit enables quick dumping for efficient operation with quick cycle times.

    The Kubota M6 Series Tractor M6-101 is available at Kooy Brothers Equipment Ltd. located at 1919 Wilson Avenue in Toronto, Ontario.

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