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    SnowEx Storm Seeker Headlamps

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    SnowEx Storm Seeker Headlamps

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    Product Description

    New! Storm Seeker™ Headlamps from SnowEx!

    The new Storm Seeker™ Headlamps are equipped with exclusice EdgeView Technology that give users a full 180° of light from plow edge to plow edge for optimal visibility. These headlamps output up to twice the amount of light than regular halogen bulbs, raising safety and productivity while plowing. 

    100% LED Performance 

    These headlamps give you 100% LED performance meaning every bulb in the lamp is LED. The lamps give off up to two times the output of light compared to halogens providing maximum visibility.

    Exceptional Visibility

    When the LED lamps are in low beam mode, they give a flat, even, ultra-wide, ultra-bright LED light pattern for superior visibility which also helps reduce eye fatigue. When lights are in high beam mode, have greater visibility down the road and are given a clear view of upcoming hazards.

    Solid Optics

    Solid optic elements for both the low beams and high beams place light exactly where it needs to be instead of relying on reflectors to aim the light as with many others halogen and LED lamps.

    Intuitive Heating System

    The new system from SnowEx senses the temprature on the lens and automatically heats the elements when necessary to hinder snow and ice buildup. 

    Advanced Lens Design

    The headlamps are newly designed with a sloped lens and no bezel, which is a frequent point for ice to start building up on other lamps.

    Engineered and Tested for Duribility

     SnowEx headlamps are built for strength and long-term duribility in mind. They have gone through rigorous testing to withstand extreme tempratures, vibration, impact, water submersion, corrosion and shock. 

    Plow compatibility

    The Storm Seeker Headlamps are available as an option to upgrade existing SnowEx truck plows. To check for compatibility click here.

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