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    SnowEx 8100 Power Plow 8'-10'

    Complete truck plow pricing includes; blade, big box, vehicle undercarriage, headlamps, isolation and installation.

    SnowEx 8100 Power Plow 8'-10'

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    Product Description

    SnowEx 8100 Power Plow 8'-10'

    The SnowEx® 8100 Power Plow Snowplow is perfect for commercial contractors who want to make more money plowing snow. The SnowEx® adjustable-wing PowerPlow offers the versatility to expand plow width by expanding the wings outward or increase capacity by angling the wings forward, independently or together, to match any plowing condition. A snow plow in compact mode for transport and narrow areas can quickly be expanded for extra wide plowing passes by simply pushing a button. Scoop mode can carry up to 30% more snow than a straight blade, while a windrowing angle helps complete the job in fewer passes.

    SnowEx 8100 Power Plow 8'-10' Features Include:

    • STORM SEEKER™ Headlamps - Available in both LED and Dual Halogen models, STORM SEEKER™  headlamps are engineered and tested for maximum light output, performance and durability to keep you ahead of the storm.
    • Variable Straight Blade Modes - Use compact mode for transport or plowing narrow areas, or expand the wings to make extra wide passes.
    • Windrowing Position - When angled for windrowing, the leading wing directs more snow into the moldboard to allow a full pass with minimal spill-off.
    • BUCKET BLADE Scoop Mode - Angle the wings forward to put the POWER PLOW in scoop mode and carry up to 30% more snow with every pass.
    • Cornering Performance - Fully angle while in scoop position to maintain a full load of snow when maneuvering around obstacles.
    • Full-Trip Moldboard - A full-trip moldboard with two coil springs helps protect you, your plow and your truck when striking obstacles.
    • Steel Cutting Edge - A 5" hardened steel cutting edge provides long-lasting performance and delivers a clean scraping action.
    • Easy Access Components Cover - Hydraulic components are protected with a durable poly cover that is easy to remove for quick maintenance access.
    • Pressure Relief for Wings - Plow wings feature built-in pressure relief to give upon impact.
    • POWER GRIP™ Hand-Held Control - An easy-to-use hand-held control allows the blade to be raised, lowered and angled with one quick touch.
    • Automatixx® Attachment System - The Automatixx attachment system provides fast and easy snowplow hook-up that can all be handled from one side of the truck.
    • Direct Lift - Direct lift system gives the plow a responsive full range of motion for efficient stacking and transport.
    • POWERCOAT Finish - Our high-performance, multi-stage powder coat system provides a long-lasting, maintenance-free finish.
    • SECURITY GUARD™ - The SECURITY GUARD™ anti-theft system electronically secures your snowplow from unauthorized use when detached from the truck.
    • FLEET FLEX Electrical System - The FLEET FLEX electrical system provides complete fleet interchangeability. Any SnowEx plow can be used on any truck.
    • Pre-Punched Blades for Accessories - The blade is pre-punched for easy installation of accessories, providing a custom fit. The pre-punched holes also prevent damage to the powder coat that can sometimes occur when installing an accessory.

    SnowEx 8100 Power Plow 8'-10' Specifications:

    • Blade Width - 8' 0" 10' 0" WIDE PASS™
    • Blade Height - 31"
    • Angle Cylinders - 1.5"
    • Plowing Width (Straight) - 96" Compact, 105" Bucket, 120" Wide Pass
    • Plowing Width (Full Angle) - 85.6" Compact, 93.4" Bucket, 95.1" Windrow, 106.2" Wide Pass
    • Approx Weight - 970 lbs
    • Cutting Edge - 1/2 x 6" Blade, 1/4 x 10" Wing
    • Blade/Wing Thickness - 12 ga Blade, 11 ga Wing
    • Reinforcement Ribs - 4
    • Trip Springs - 4 Steel

    *Available with LED Lighting for an additional $720. 

    Find the SnowEx 8100 Power Plow 8'-10' at Kooy Brothers Equipment Ltd. located at 1919 Wilson Avenue in Toronto, Ontario.

    Contact us today for more information.

    *Price is subject to change without notice. Errors and omissions exempted.

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