New Toro Recycler Mowers

03/05/2021 @ 3:57 PM

The upgraded Toro Mower line-up includes gas and battery-powered models with new innovations!

Toro has upgraded its popular 22" Recycler® mower line-up with a range of new lawn mowers focused on delivering differentiated consumer benefits.

New Toro Recycler Mowers

Both gas-powered and 60V* Flex-Force battery-powered models have been enhanced with performance-driven features that complement Toro's focus on ease and reliability. New innovation includes new features like the Vortex Technology™ on the enhanced Recycler mowers, which increases airflow to supercharge grass cutting!

New Toro Recycler Mower


Toro's patented new Vortex Technology is powered by an intake system that fuels the cutting chamber with additional airflow. The air infusion whirls grass clippings around the cutting chamber at a faster rate, either shredding them into ultra-fine clippings or shooting them into the newly designed Super Bagger with increased velocity. The improved aerodynamics create grass clippings that act as Lawn Vitamins™ nourishing a healthier lawn. 


Toro Lawnmower Super Bagger

For those times of the year when lawn maintenance requires additional clean-up, users can throw on Toro's new Super Bagger. Combining Vortex Technology with enhanced bag-fill capabilities, the mower is transformed into a lawn vacuum, leaving the yard looking pristine after the seasonal clean-up. Additionally, the new, tapered bag design promotes easier, cleaner bag emptying.

Toro Recycler Mower Self Propel


Furthermore, Toro is doubling down on its commitment to an end-user experience focused on ease. The new Personal Pace® Auto-Drive™ is the next evolution of the self-propelled mower. Much like a car's automatic transmission, no knobs, levers, or adjustments are needed to change the mower's speed.

Toro lawnmower handle

Users can grab anywhere on the steering wheel-inspired handle and walk at the pace they chose. The intelligent mower will sense and adjust to the user in real-time. With an arc, telescoping handle, and a bail that requires 50% less force to engage, users will stay comfortable even on the extra-long jobs. 


Toro 21378 - 22" 6.25 Briggs & Stratton 150cc OHV Engine, FWD, Variable Speed, High Wheel

Toro 21462 - 22" 7.25 Briggs & Stratton 163cc OHV Engine, RWD, Personal Pace, High Wheel

Toro 21465 - 22" 6.25 Briggs & Stratton 150cc OHV Engine, RWD, Personal Pace, Smart Stow, High Wheel

Toro 21464 - 22" 6.25 Briggs & Stratton 150cc OHV Engine, RWD, Personal Pace, Electric Start, High Wheel

Toro 21472 - 22" 7.25 Briggs & Stratton 163cc OHV Engine, AWD, Personal Pace, High Wheel

Toro 21389 - 21" 7.25 Briggs & Stratton 163cc OHV Engine, Personal Pace, Blade Stop System, Flex Handle

Toro 60V battery powered mower


Homeowners can enjoy enhancements to the Toro® 60V* Flex-Force® mower line-up.

The proven Flex-Force platform also brings three new walk-behind mower models to the marketplace at an attractive price, including:

  • A 21" Self-Propel Recycler®, with a durable steel deck and the patented Recycler cutting system to deliver a better looking lawn, year after year. Complete with a brushless motor and a 45-minute runtime, users can power through thick grass and cut up to 1/3 of an acre on a single charge.
  • A 22" Personal Pace Recycler (21466), featuring the all-new Personal Pace Auto Drive™ self-propel system, which reimagines self-propel with no buttons, no levers, no learning. The 22” Recycler steel deck, powered by a brushless motor, turns grass clippings into lawn vitamins, and features Vortex™ Technology, Toro’s newest innovation designed to increase airflow to supercharge your grass cutting. 
  • A 21" Personal Pace Super Recycler®(21388), featuring a rugged deck made of military-grade cast aluminum and the patented Super Recycler cutting system, Toro’s most-advanced cutting deck which delivers the best mulching and after cut appearance. The deck is powered by an advanced brushless motor to deliver legendary Toro performance with the convenience of battery power.

 Toro battery powered mower 60V

"We’re striving to deliver something different to customers in this space. In the past, you had to give up product power and performance to get the convenience of battery power,” said Chris Urlaub, marketing manager at Toro. "Our 60V platform combines best-in-class power with best-in-class products to deliver something truly unique in the industry – battery power without the compromise.”

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Toro Battery Powered Mower

Whether you're looking to go gas-powered or battery powered, we have the Toro that's right for you. With the full line of Toro lawnmowers in stock, we are the largest Toro mower dealer in the GTA. Our trained sales staff will help you find the right Toro to suit your application.

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Toro stands behind its Recycler Mowers with a 2-year full warranty on both the gas and battery mowers.* Toro also stands behind the power sources with a 3-year guaranteed-to-start™ on all gas engines and a full 3-year warranty on batteries.

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* Battery manufacturer rating = 60V maximum and 54V typical usage. Actual voltage varies with load.
* Warranty periods differ for the engine, battery, and other components. See retailer for complete warranty details.