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    BCS Lawn Mower and Catcher Attachment 22"

    BCS Lawn Mower and Catcher Attachment 22"

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    Product Description

    BCS 22" Lawn Mower & Catcher Attachment mower deck provides the option of side discharge or bagging. The bags can be easily removed, and the side discharge port is above the deck for a wider dispersion of the clippings. Effective bagging of the clippings requires proper air flow, and the key variable is the distance from the bottom rim of the deck to the ground.

    BCS lawn mowers have the unique system design of adjustable blade settings on splined, spindled shafts—without raising or lowering the deck. The height of the blades can be adjusted in seconds with a mounted lever, and maintains a premium cut and peak bagging performance with the desired air flow.

    Hinged blade tips on the 38” mower are used to protect it from impacts with rocks, stumps and other hard surfaces, and each blade has its own discharge into the bag, allowing the maximum amount of clippings into the bag as possible. The bags on both mowers are also hinged so that it pivots upward and forward for easy removal of the clippings.

    Features Include:

    • 22'' mowing width
    • Heat-treated steel gears in oil bath
    • Unique top-mounted lever instantly adjusts the blade(s) for different heights.
    • Easy front-dumping with top-mounted 4-bushel bag on 38" models.
    • 38" deck floats side-to-side minimize scalping on uneven terrain.
    • 1/8'' steel deck

    TheBCS Lawn Mower & Catcher 22" Attachment is available atKooy Brothers Equipment Ltd. located at 1919 Wilson Avenue in Toronto, Ontario.

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