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    Toro Power Max 1028OXE Two Stage Snowblower

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    Toro Power Max 1028OXE Two Stage Snowblower

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    Product Description

    Toro PowerMax HD 1028OHXE Two-Stage Electric Start Snowblower

    This Toro PowerMax HD 1028 OHXE Two-Stage Electric Start Snowblower has a powerful 4-cycle engine, a 28-inch wide swath and 21.5” (55 cm) cutting depth w/Standard Drift Breaker that can plow through the deepest snow. This snowblower is one powerful unit. It will certainly make your job easier in tough winter conditions.

    The innovative Quick Stick® control allows you to quickly and easily change chute direction AND chute deflector with a single, smooth motion. Convenient one-hand operation levers allow single-handed operation freeing the other hand to change speeds or the chute control without stopping. This machine also has handle-mounted triggers that allow you to disengage one or both wheels to maneuver through sharp turns with ease, Cast-Iron skids and reinforced handle reflection tape. Hand warmers are standard, to keep warm in subzero temperatures for added comfort.

    A breakthrough in snow blowing technology, the exclusive Anti-Clogging System meters snow intake to prevent clogging and maximize clearing efficiency. The Power Max HD uses a Commercial-Grade auger gearbox; No shear pins needed.

    Toro Power Max HD 1028OHXE Snowblower Features Include:

    • PowerMax Anti Clogging System - This revolutionary system regulates snow intake to virtually eliminate clogging while maximizing the impeller speed for powerful performance. Other snowblowers require the operator to manually limit snow intake to prevent clogging.
    • Commercial Grade Auger Gearcase -Power is transferred to the serrated augers by a gearcase designed to withstand extreme stress, eliminating the need for troublesome shear pins.
    • Quick Stick Chute Control - Quickly and easily change chute direction AND chute deflection with one simple, integrated control.
    • Power Steering - Turn on a dime! Wheels can be disengaged independently or simultaneously with trigger controls - making turning, reversing, and steering easy for anyone.
    • Extra Large 16" Tires - The wide surface area and the squared-off deep lugs of the extra-large 16" tires aggressively dig down to the sub-surface in deep snow for the best possible traction.
    • Large 14" Serrated Auger - Extra-large auger is designed to chew through the tough, compact snow.
    • Locking Control Handles - Convenient one-hand interlock system controls allow you to keep one hand free so you can adjust the chute without stopping.
    • Electric Start Standard - For hot starts on the coldest days, each Toro two-stage snowthrower comes equipped with both electric start and a recoil mitten grip start for added peace of mind.
    • Hand Warmers - Keep your hands warm in cold temperatures
    • Sub Zero Material is Guaranteed for Life - Chute, deflector and ACS are made of a special cold-weather material durable to -104˚ F and guaranteed for life (original owner only). It is also rust-free, so there’s no binding, and snow and ice won't stick.
    • Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Skids (Part # 38212) - Designed to be .5" thick for maximum life. The added weight on the front helps to chew through deep snow piles. Reversible for double the life. (includes 2 skids (part # 120-3098-03) and hardware)
    • Ideally used to clear 6+ inches of snow on a 6+ car driveway made of concrete, asphalt, or gravel

    Toro Power Max HD 1028OHXE Snowblower Specifications:

    • Engine - Toro Premium 302cc OHV 4-cycle
    • Auger System - 14" Extra Large Serrated Auger, Power Max Anti-Clogging System 
    • Chute Control - Quick Stick 
    • Clearing Width - 28" 
    • Lighting - Headlight Standard
    • One-Hand Interlock - Standard
    • Fuel Capacity - 3.5 L
    • Starter - Electric Start
    • Throw Distance - Up to 45' / 13.5 m
    • Scraper - Adjustable
    • Weight - 269 lbs
    • Warranty - 3-Year Limited Warranty *See owners manual for more details

    Find the Toro Power Max HD 1028OHXE Snowblower at Kooy Brothers Equipment Ltd. located at 1919 Wilson Avenue in Toronto, Ontario.

    Contact Us for more information.
    *Price is subject to change without notice. Errors and omissions exempted.

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