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    Product # VX-4210

    SnowEx V-Maxx Hydraulic Spreader VX-4210

    SnowEx V-Maxx Hydraulic Spreader VX-4210

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    Product Description

    SnowEx V-Maxx Hydraulic Spreader VX-4210

    Suitable for spreading 50/50 sand/salt mix, 100% coarse sand and 100% bulk salt (with added interior baffle inside hopper). Spreading width of up to 40'. Truck capability; 19,000+ GVWR. Weighs 994lbs empty.
    The polyethylene construction and low maintenance features make this spreader an industry leader. This unit offers the highest capacity of any SnowEx spreader, making it perfect for large contractors and municipalities looking to minimize material waste, as well as trips to the salt yard.

    SnowEx V-Maxx Hydraulic Spreader Features Include:

    • Speed Control - Dual variable-speed control allows precise adjustment of spread pattern and material flow. Features auto-reverse and plug-n-play accessory operation.
    • Simple Installation - Only requires a single 4-pin wire routed into the cab to install the compact control.
    • Inverted "V" - Patented vibrating baffle configuration maximizes material flow.
    • Fitted Tarp - A tarp fitted to the spreader's dimensions protects material from outside weather elements.
    • Top Screen - Top screen ensures material that enters the hopper is consistent size by breaking up any clumps and filters out large debris to ensure proper operation.
    • Fleet Flex - The FLEET FLEX electrical system provides a consistent electrical platform and complete fleet interchangeability between all V-Maxx G2 spreaders.
    • No-Blast Startup - For maximum material placement and control, the spinner doesn’t blast upon startup, instead starting at the desired speed setting on the dial.
    • Vibrator - Only SnowEx can attach our high performing vibrator directly to the inverted V, which keeps material flowing.
    • Accesory Hub - Conveniently connect accessories directly into the fully enclosed accessory hub mounted in the back of the hopper.
    • Pre-Wet Mixing Chamber - Within a unique pre-wet chamber, the auger feed system mixes brine with the spreading material before delivering it to the spinner.
    • Cab Forward Design - The cab forward hopper delivers better payload distribution to reduce stress on the truck.
    • Stowable Spinner Housing - When not in use, the low-profile spinner assembly can be flipped into the upright position for easy storage, providing full hitch access for towing.
    • Pre-Wet Integration - Users can choose to have the spreaders equipped with an optional pre-wet liquid tank system. Plug and play pre-wet system allows users to optional pre-wet liquid tank system.
    • Adjustable Spinner - The 12-inch stainless steel spinner contains adjustable cups and a deflector for maximum control over spread pattern. 
    • Frame Coating - Durable steel frame includes enhanced corrosion control finish with 6-part organic top coat process.

    This SnowEx VX-4210 V-Maxx G2 In-Bed Spreader can be ordered at Kooy Brothers Equipment Ltd. located at 1919 Wilson Avenue in Toronto, Ontario.

    Contact us for more information. 

    * Price is subject to change without notice. Errors and omissions exempted. This unit is built-to-order.


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