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    SnowEx V-Maxx G2 2.0 cu. yd. Slide-In Spreader VX-2200

    SnowEx V-Maxx G2 2.0 cu. yd. Slide-In Spreader VX-2200

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    Product Description

    SnowEx V-Maxx G2 2.0 cu. yd. Slide-In Spreader VX-2200

    The 2.0 cubic yard capacity SnowEx V-Maxx G2 VX-2200 is a high-capacity salt spreader that can fit in the bed of a 1-ton truck. Ideal for a wide range of snow and ice professionals, it can spread any combination of bulk salt and sand. Spreading width of up to 40'.

    SnowEx V-Maxx Slide-In Spreader Features Include:

    • Speed Control: Dual variable-speed control allows precise adjustment of spread pattern and material flow. Features auto-reverse and plug-n-play accessory operation.
    • Simple Installation: Only requires a single 4-pin wire routed into the cab to install the compact control.
    • Spinner Assembly: Quick-connect spinner drive assembly provides easy hitch access and allows for dumping any unused material after the job is complete.
    • Auger Transmission: The low maintenance direct drive transmission transfers power to the auger efficiently and effectively.
    • High Output: The high output (HO) transmission features a gear ratio of 40:1, allowing the unit to spread 295 to 680 pounds of material per minute.
    • Inverted "V": Patented vibrating baffle configuration maximizes material flow.
    • Fitted Tarp: A tarp fitted to the spreader's dimensions protects material from outside weather elements.
    • Top Screen: Top screen ensures material that enters the hopper is consistent size by breaking up any clumps and filters out large debris to ensure proper operation.
    • Fleet Flex: The FLEET FLEX electrical system provides a consistent electrical platform and complete fleet interchangeability between all V-Maxx G2 spreaders.
    • No-Blast Startup: For maximum material placement and control, the spinner doesn’t blast upon startup, instead starting at the desired speed setting on the dial.
    • Vibrator: Only SnowEx can attach our high performing vibrator directly to the inverted V, which keeps material flowing.
    • Accesory Hub: Conveniently connect accessories directly into the fully enclosed accessory hub mounted in the back of the hopper.

    Find the Vx-2200 V-Maxx SnowEx G2 Slide-In Spreader at Kooy Brothers Equipment Ltd. located at 1919 Wilson Avenue in Toronto, Ontario.

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