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    Product # RCK54-23BX

    RCK54-23BX BX Series Mowers

    RCK54-23BX BX Series Mowers

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    Product Description

    RCK54-23BX BX Series Mowers

    Features : -

    • Kubota Designed and Built - Kubota mower decks and main implements such as loaders and backhoes are built by Kubota, for Kubota tractors. By co-engineering implements are matched to the tractors performance providing premium quality, durability and the most productive combination available.
    • Mowing-Height Adjustment Dial - A simple twist of the dial adjusts the mower height in 1/4" increments to your desired cutting level.
    • Easy Attach & Detach - Implements such as the loader or mower can be attached and detached quickly and easily - saving you time and effort. Another true benefit from a single source manufacturer.
    • Multi-V-Belt Deck Drive - Kubota's multi-v-belts are legendary, because they last forever and provide dependable power day after day. Most competitive mower decks have a single belt track, which wears quickly and cost you more to maintain your mower deck.
    • Standard Cut Deck - The Standard Deck is designed to cut grass quickly without comprimising quality. The tunnel deck design lifts the grass for cutting and then channels it quickly to the right side for even discharge.
    • Durable Shaft Drive - The BX-Series' shaft drive delivers power smoothly from the mid-PTO to the mid-mount mower. Unlike belt drives there is no slippage and maintenance is minimal.
    • High Clearance - The high clearance of BX-Series tractors makes it easier to travel and mow over uneven ground or over raised obstacles such as curbs. All BX Models offer a clearance of 6 inches under the mower deck when in the fully raised position.
    • Flexible Discharge Chute - The discharge chute on BX Series mower decks is plastic, making it flexible should you get too close to objects such as trees or buildings. Strong enough to maintain even and safe discharge, yet flexible enough not to cause damage to your trees or shrubs.

    The RCK54-23BX BX Series Mowers is available at Kooy Brothers, located at 1919 Wilson Ave., Toronto, Ontario.

    Reserve yours today! Contact Us for pricing and availability.

    Specifications : -

    Deck Model RCK54-23BX  
    Deck Type Side Discharge  
    Number of blades 3  
    Mounting method Suspended-Linkage  
    Cutting width 48 in. (1219 mm) / 54 in. (1372 mm) / 60 in. (1524mm)  
    Cutting height 1.0 - 4.0 in. (25 - 102 mm) at 1/4 in. (6.4mm)  
    Overall height 10.5 in. (268 mm) / 11.0 in. (281mm) / 11.0 in. (281 mm)  
    Overall width 60.8 in. (1544 mm) / 66.5 in. (1780 mm) / 76.0 in. (1930 mm)  
    Overall length 35.2 in. (895 mm) / 36.5 in. (928 mm) / 39.4 in. (1000 mm)  
    Adjustment of cutting height Dial gauge  
    Weight 180 lbs. (81 kg) / 189 lbs. (86 kg) / 250 lbs. (115 kg)  
    Belt type Multi-V-Belt  
    Blade spindle speed 3281 rpm (54.7 r/s) / 2969 rpm (49.5 r/s) 2647 rpm (44.1 r/s)  
    Blade tip speed 14331 fpm (72.8 m/s) / 14527 fpm (73.8 m/s) / 14271 fpm (72.5 m/s)  
    Blade length 16.7 in. (424 mm) / 18.7 in. (475 mm) / 20.6 in. (523 mm)  
    Number of antiscalp rollers 5  
    Mower deck thickness 10 gauge  


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