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    Product # LA524FL

    LA524FL Kubota L Series Loader

    LA524FL Kubota L Series Loader

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    Product Description

    Features :  -

    • Easy Operation - A single-lever joystick provides easier operation. A regenerative dump circuit allows for fast bucket dumping, and the series circuit provides for simultaneous operation of the boom and bucket. The valve stays with the tractor when the loader is detached, so that the valve can be used for other implement operations.
    • Thick Steel Frames - The front loader’s thick single piece steel frames provide better durability as well as creating a better view between the tractor and the boom.
    • Curved Boom Design - The LA524’s curved boom design matches the slanted hood with all hydraulic lines enclosed in the loader arms, providing a better field of vision during front loader operations. It also gives the loader, a modern and sleek appearance.
    • High Quality Cylinders - The LA524 Front Loader features high-quality, heavy-duty cylinders to bring more muscle to your loader work. The durable plating offers impressive pressure resistance and achieves superior rust protection.

    The LA524FL Kubota L Series Loader is available at Kooy Brothers, located at 1919 Wilson Ave., Toronto, Ontario.

    Reserve yours today! Contact Us for pricing and availability.

    Specifications :  -

    Specification Detail  
    Loader model LA524FL  
    Compatible tractors L3200, L3800  
    Boom cylinder    
      Bore 1.77 in. (45 mm)  
      Stroke 18.7 in. (476 mm)  
    Bucket cylinder    
      Bore 1.77 in. (45 mm)  
      Stroke 18.7 in. (476 mm)  
    Control valve Float position, two stage bucket dump  
    Rated flow 6.3 gpm (23.9 l/min)  
    Maximum pressure 2347 psi (16.2 MPa)  
    Quick attach coupler No  
    Counter weight Optional ballast box  
    Net weight (approximate) 805 lbs. (365 kg)  
    (A) Max. Lift height to bucket pivot pin    
      Standard 94.3 in. (2394 mm)  
    (B) Max. Lift height under level bucket    
      Standard 87.6 in. (2224 mm)  
    (C) Clearance with bucket dumped    
      Standard 76.2 in. (1936 mm)  
    (D) Reach at max. Lift height    
      Standard 20.2 in. (564 mm)  
    (E) Max. Dump angle    
      Standard 40º  
    (F) Reach with bucket on ground    
      Standard 63.7 in. (1618 mm)  
    (G) Bucket roll-back angle    
      Standard 31º  
    (H) Digging depth    
      Standard 6.9 in. (176 mm)  
    (J) Overall height in carrying position 51.3 in. (1302 mm)  
    (U) Lift Capacity (Bucket pivot pin, max height)    
      Standard 1131 lbs (513 kg)  
    (V) Lift Capacity (500 mm forward, max height    
      Standard 855 lbs. (388 kg)  
    (W) Lift Capacity (Bucket pivot pin, 1.5 M height)    
      Standard 1490 lbs. (676 kg)  
    (X) Lift Capacity (500 mm forward, 1500 mm height)    
      Standard 1182 lbs. (536 kg)  
    (Y) Breakout Force (Bucket pivot pin)    
      Standard 2462 lbs. (10951 N)  
    (Z) Breakout Force (500 mm forward)    
      Standard 1874 lbs. (8335 N)  
    (VV) Bucket roll-back force at max. height    
      Standard 2177 lbs. (9685 N)  
    (XX) Bucket roll-back force at 1.5 M    
      Standard 2697 lbs. (11998 N)  
    (ZZ) Bucket roll-back force at ground level    
      Standard 2215 lbs. (9855 N)  
    Raising time 3.5 sec.  
    Lowering time 2.3 sec.  
    Bucket dumping time 1.7 sec.  
    Bucket roll-back time 2.2 sec.  
    Standard bucket    
      Width 60.0 in. (1525 mm)  
      Type Rigid  
      Depth 18.2 in. (463 mm)  
      Overall height 22.0 in. (559 mm)  
      Length 20.1 in. (511 mm)  
      Capacity - struck 7.8 cu. ft. (0.22 m³)  
      Capacity - heaped 9.2 cu. ft. (0.26 m³)  
    Standard bucket    
      Weight 181 lbs. (82 kg)  


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