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    Product # LA514

    LA514 Kubota L Series Loader

    LA514 Kubota L Series Loader

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    Product Description

    Features :  -

    • Construction-grade Cylinders - The Grand L40's construction-grade cylinders are made to last. Their outstanding sealing performance makes them strong and exceptionally durable. In addition, the high-quality chrome plating of the cylinder rods achieves superior rust protection.
    • Front Loader Valve (Standard on Grand L40) - Because the front loader valve is integrated into the tractor, instead of the loader, you can quickly and easily attach the front loader and other frontmounted implements.
    • Easy Operation - When the front loaders work hard, you don’t have to. The easy motion of the single lever controls all front loader operations, even allowing simultaneous operation of the boom and bucket. If the loader’s detached, the connecting valve remains mounted to the tractor for use with other implements, for greater convenience and efficiency.
    • Quick Attach/Detach Loader - This convenient system saves valuable time by letting you attach and detach the loader from the tractor. The mounting pins and hose couplers can be removed from the operator’s seat, without tools.
    • Third Function Valve (Optional) - To broaden the scope and capabilities of your front loader applications, the Grand L40 is available with a third function valve to operate attachments such as a 4 in 1 bucket.
    • 2-lever Quick Coupler (Optional) - The front loader can also be used with optional quick coupler attachments, such as buckets, pallet forks and bale spears. Simple to attach and detach, these handy options don’t require the use of tools, saving time and effort.

    The LA514 Kubota L Series Loader is available at Kooy Brothers, located at 1919 Wilson Ave., Toronto, Ontario.

    Reserve yours today! Contact Us for pricing and availability.

    Specifications : -

    Specification Detail  
    Loader model LA514  
    Boom cylinder    
      Bore 1.77 in. (45 mm)  
      Stroke 18.7 in. (476 mm)  
    Bucket cylinder    
      Bore 1.77 in. (45 mm)  
      Stroke 18.7 in. (476 mm)  
    Control valve Float position, two stage bucket dump  
    Rated flow 8.3 gpm (31.5 l/min)  
    Maximum pressure 2560 psi (17.7 MPa)  
    Quick attach coupler Optional, Skid-Steer type  
    Counter weight Optional ballast box  
    Net weight (approximate) 893 lbs. (405 kg)  
    (A) Max. Lift height to bucket pivot pin    
      Standard 96.4 in. (2449 mm)  
    (B) Max. Lift height under level bucket    
      Standard 89.6 in. (2275 mm)  
    (C) Clearance with bucket dumped    
      Standard 78.2 in. (1987 mm)  
    (D) Reach at max. Lift height    
      Standard 23.3 in. (593 mm)  
    (E) Max. Dump angle    
      Standard 41º  
    (F) Reach with bucket on ground    
      Standard 61.7 in. (1568 mm)  
    (G) Bucket roll-back angle    
      Standard 30º  
    (H) Digging depth    
      Standard 5.0 in. (126 mm)  
    (J) Overall height in carrying position 50.6 in. (1285 mm)  
    Lift Capacity (Bucket bottom mid point)    
      Standard 1124 lbs. (510 kg)  
    (U) Lift Capacity (Bucket pivot pin, max height)    
      Standard 1351 lbs (613 kg)  
    (V) Lift Capacity (500 mm forward, max height    
      Standard 1020 lbs. (463 kg)  
    (W) Lift Capacity (Bucket pivot pin, 1.5 M height)    
      Standard 1759 lbs. (798 kg)  
    (X) Lift Capacity (500 mm forward, 1500 mm height)    
      Standard 1395 lbs. (633 kg)  
    (Y) Breakout Force (Bucket pivot pin)    
      Standard 2835 lbs. (12611 N)  
    (Z) Breakout Force (500 mm forward)    
      Standard 2151 lbs. (9571 N)  
    (VV) Bucket roll-back force at max. height    
      Standard 2438 lbs. (10846 N)  
    (XX) Bucket roll-back force at 1.5 M    
      Standard 3104 lbs. (13808 N)  
    (ZZ) Bucket roll-back force at ground level    
      Standard 2672 lbs. (11885 N)  
    Raising time 2.7 sec.  
    Lowering time 2.2 sec.  
    Bucket dumping time 1.3 sec.  
    Bucket roll-back time 1.6 sec.  
    Standard bucket    
      Width 66.0 in. (1675 mm)  
      Capacity - struck 8.1 cu. ft. (0.23 m³)  
      Capacity - heaped 9.9 cu. ft. (0.28 m³)  
    Standard bucket    
      Weight 247 lbs. (112 kg)  
    Optional bucket    
      Width 72.0 in. (1830 mm)  
      Capacity - struck 12.7 cu. ft. (0.36 m³)  
      Capacity - heaped 16.0 cu. ft. (0.45 m³)  


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