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    Product # LA1154E

    LA1154E Kubota Loader

    LA1154E Kubota Loader

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    Product Description

    Features : -

    • Frame - The frame of the front loader maintains its sturdy, thick steel frame, but its design has been simplified by removing braces and connectors. This helps to lessen effort and shorten the time it takes to attach the loader and offers increased visibility.
    • Protected Cylinder Tubes - To better protect the tractor hydraulics and offer the operator more visibility, the hydraulic tubes are neatly tucked inside the loader boom. Hydraulic tube covers further provide protection from wear and tear.
    • Lifting Power and Height - Two separate boom cylinder fulcrum points (Power position and Height position) give you the option to increase the M-Series Front Loader lifting power or height based on your needs. When using the pallet fork or bale spear you may want to set the fulcrum to give you more height. For bucket work, a lower setting offers more power.
    • Rubber Caps - A new feature, rubber caps, prevent grease drips helping to keep the operator’s clothes clean. The caps also give the loader a more appealing look.
    • Quick-Mount Attach/Detach - Attach or detach the front loader in moments without the use of tools. The boom stands and mounting pins make this task a snap, allowing an extra measure of productivity and tractor versatility. A single-lever Hydraulic Quick Coupler (option), available for the loader’s hydraulic fittings, allows you to release all four lines at once.
    • 4-Bar Linkage - Thanks to an upgraded 4-bar bucket linkage, the rollback and dumping angle has been increased for quicker scooping and dumping.
    • Joystick Control - Located in front of the control console for easy access, the joystick offers you the ability to control the movement and speed of the loader with a single lever. The Series Circuit makes simultaneous boom and bucket operation possible, while the Regenerative Bucket Dump Circuit enables quick dumping for efficient operation with quick cycle times.
    • Kubota Shockless Ride (KSR) - The KSR absorbs loader shock and reduces operator fatigue. This option is perfect if your tasks include a great deal of tight turns or lifting and dumping of heavy loads. It effectively takes the “bounce” out of handling round bales.
    • Single-Lever Hydraulic Quick Coupler - The optional quick coupler allows the operator the ability to attach all four hoses at once. This makes attaching and detaching quick and easy, even when you’re doing it often.
    • 3rd Function Valve - The optional 3rd function valve broadens the scope of the front loader operation by enabling the use of a grapple bucket and various other hydraulically controlled attachments. The 3rd function valve can be activated with buttons located on the grip of the joystick.
    • Hydraulic Self-Leveling Valve - This optional feature allows the operator to raise or lower the loader boom while keeping the bucket level to the ground. This will help prevent spills when carrying soil or sand and will make pallet handling smooth and easy. This function can be switched off for times when bucket angles are more advantageous, for instance, during excavation.
    • Euro-Type Quick Hitch - A standard feature on the LA1153/LA1353 Loaders, the quick hitch will let you quickly attach and detach a variety of Euro-type attachment. Kubota original bucket, pallet fork, and bale spear are available.

    The LA1153E Kubota Loader is available at Kooy Brothers, located at 1919 Wilson Ave., Toronto, Ontario.

    Reserve yours today! Contact Us for pricing and availability.

    Specifications : -

    Specification Detail  
    Loader model LA1154E  
    Boom cylinder    
      Bore 2.36 in. (60 mm)  
      Stroke 22.46 in. (570.5 mm)  
    Bucket cylinder    
      Bore 2.36 in. (60 mm)  
      Stroke 19.98 in. (507.5 mm)  
    Control valve Float position  
    Rated flow 11.1 gpm (42.0 l/min)  
    Maximum pressure 2873 psi (19.8 MPa)  
    Self leveling type Optional, hydraulic self leveling valve  
    Quick attach coupler Euro-type  
    Counter weight Optional ballast box  
    Net weight (approximate) 1543 lbs. (700 kg)  
    (A) Max. Lift height to bucket pivot pin    
      Height hole 132.7 in. (3370 mm)  
      Power hole 117.2 in. (2977 mm)  
    (B) Max. Lift height under level bucket    
      Height hole 123.3 in. (3131 mm)  
      Power hole 107.8 in. (2738 mm)  
    (C) Clearance with bucket dumped    
      Height hole 101.5 in. (2577 mm)  
      Power hole 85.5 in. (2172 mm)  
    (D) Reach at max. Lift height    
      Height hole 19.6 in. (498 mm)  
      Power hole 37.4 in. (951 mm)  
    (E) Max. Dump angle    
      Height hole 43º  
      Power hole 60º  
    (F) Reach with bucket on ground    
      Height hole 76.7 in. (1947 mm)  
      Power hole 76.7 in. (1947 mm)  
    (G) Bucket roll-back angle    
      Height hole 43º  
      Power hole 43º  
    (H) Digging depth    
      Height hole 5.3 in. (134 mm)  
      Power hole 4.4 in. (111 mm)  
    (J) Overall height in carrying position 61.9 in. (1573 mm)  
    Lift Capacity (Bucket bottom mid point)    
      Height hole 2326 lbs. (1055 kg)  
      Power hole 2536 lbs. (1150 kg)  
    (U) Lift Capacity (Bucket pivot pin, max height)    
      Height hole 2469 lbs. (1120 kg)  
      Power hole 2928 lbs. (1328 kg)  
    (V) Lift Capacity (800 mm forward, max height)    
      Height hole 1587 lbs. (720 kg)  
      Power hole 1830 lbs. (830 kg)  
    (W) Lift Capacity (Bucket pivot pin, 1.5 M height)    
      Height hole 3210 lbs. (1456 kg)  
      Power hole 3686 lbs. (1672 kg)  
    (X) Lift Capacity (800 mm forward, 1500 mm height)    
      Height hole 2227 lbs. (1010 kg)  
      Power hole 2646 lbs. (1200 kg)  
    (Y) Breakout Force (Bucket pivot pin)    
      Height hole 4230 lbs. (18816 N)  
      Power hole 5354 lbs. (23814 N)  
    (Z) Breakout Force (800 mm forward)    
      Height hole 2710 lbs. (12054 N)  
      Power hole 3415 lbs. (15190 N)  
    (VV) Bucket roll-back force at max. height    
      Height hole 1961 lbs. (8722 N)  
      Power hole 2710 lbs. (12054 N)  
    (XX) Bucket roll-back force at 1.5 M    
      Height hole 3734 lbs. (16611 N)  
      Power hole 3734 lbs. (16611 N)  
    (ZZ) Bucket roll-back force at ground level    
      Height hole 3690 lbs. (16415 N)  
      Power hole 3690 lbs. (16415 N)  
    Raising time 4.7 sec.  
    Lowering time 3.6 sec.  
    Bucket dumping time 3.0 sec.  
    Bucket roll-back time 2.8 sec.  


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