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    Kubota B50 Series Tractor B2650HSD 26HP

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    Kubota B50 Series Tractor B2650HSD 26HP

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    Product Description

    Kubota B2650HSD Deluxe B50 Series Tractor

    The Kubota B2650HSD Deluxe B50 Series Tractor has a 26 hp diesel engine built for greater power and with cleaner emissions and it has 19.5 PTO hp. Cruise control and a classy LCD display panel come standard. Get class-leading, luxury and comfort with this all new Kubota B2650HSD tractor.

    Kubota B2650HSD Deluxe Tractor Features Include:

    • 26 hp Kubota diesel engine - High output 4 cylinder Kubota diesel engine is built for greater power and with cleaner emissions.
    • 3 range HST transmission
    • HST pedal - For easier operation of the HST pedal and more right-side foot space, the brake pedal has been moved to the left side of the steering column.
    • Hydraulic independant PTO - An efficient feature that keeps you working, the independent PTO lets you engage or disengage both the mid and rear PTO without having to stop the tractor.
    • Hydrostatic Power Steering - This must-have feature provides nimble handling while greatly reducing fatigue during long hours of operation.
    • Tilt Steering Wheel - To provide a more comfortable driving position, the steering wheel tilts upward and downward.
    • Cruise Control - Kubota's new multi-stage notch type cruise control offers lighter lever operations to keep your working speed constant.
    • Multi reflective headlights - No matter when or where you’re working, these multi-reflective headlights will let you see further and better.
    • Rear and Mid PTO are standard
    • Three point hitch position control - This feature gives you more precise control of your rear implements.
    • Ratchet type lift rod - For speedy adjustments to 3-point mounted implements, lift rod adjustments can be made without using tools.
    • Telescopic lower link ends - With an intelligent design, the telescopic lower-link ends make attaching and detaching implements a snap.
    • Telescopic stabilizers - For easy adjustment of the 3-point hitch, nothing beats Kubota's telescopic stabilizers.
    • Increased 3 point hitch lift capacity - Now, with even more hydraulic power, you can take on larger, heavy-duty rear implements, and perform them with more authority.
    • Offset mid-PTO - Being offset to the side, quick installation and removal of the mower is now possible.
    • Dash Panel - Large numbers, the easy-to-read dash panel lets you quickly monitor vital tractor functions such as engine speed, engine temperature, fuel level, etc.
    • Deluxe High Back Seat - With parallel-link suspension and armrests, this deluxe seat is comfortable and fatigue-reducing allowing you to stay in the driver’s seat longer.
    • Loader lever - The loader lever is integrated with the lever console and standard equipped on the B50 series so it does not have to be retrofitted when mounting the loader.
    • One Piece Hood - the front grill and newly designed headlamps are now integrated with the hood  for easier opening and closing and more convenient access to the engine.
    • 2 Lever quick coupler - Kubota’s quick coupler now features two levers to make attaching/detaching front attachments quicker and easier.

    The Kubota B2650HSD Deluxe B50 Series Tractor 26HP is available at Kooy Brothers Equipment Ltd, located at 1919 Wilson Avenue in Toronto, Ontario.

    Contact us for more information.

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