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    Product # GCK54-200ZA

    GCK54-200ZA Z Series Grass Catcher for Mower

    GCK54-200ZA Z Series Grass Catcher for Mower

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    Product Description

    Features : -

    • 8 Bushel Capacity - The GCK54-200Z collection system provides 8 bushel capacity to collect grass clippings and leaves. Using two bags and a try, the air flow design fills the further bag first and then the tray and final bag.
    • Quick Attach System - Once the mount hardware is installed, the GCK54-200Z can be removed and installed again in seconds.
    • Deck Mounted Blower - The commercial quality 48" and 54"mower decks provide an unprecedented level of turbulence under the deck to cut and discharge the grass. The GCK54-200Z harnesses that energy through the blower kit and pushes the clipping out and into the bags. There is no shortage of power with this blower.
    • Mount Kit & Blower Kit - The GCK54-200Z is versatile, as it is compatible with either the ZG200 or ZD200 Series Mowers. Select the corresponding mount and blower kit for either machine and start collecting.

    TheGCK54-200ZA Z Series Grass Catcher is available at Kooy Brothers, located at 1919 Wilson Ave., Toronto, Ontario.

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    Specifications : -

    Specification Detail  
    Collection System
    Model Name GCK54-200Z  
    Compatible tractors ZG222, ZG227, ZD221  
    Compatible mower decks RCK48S-222Z, RCK48P-222Z, RCK54P-227Z, RCK60P-227Z  
    Overall length (including tractor) 95.7 in. (2430 mm) except ZG227L-60 96.9 in. (2460 mm)  
    Overall width 48" 63.4 in (1610), 54" 69.3 in. (1760), 60" 75.4 in. (1915 mm)  
    Dumping Height 2 bag & tray system  
    Capacity 8 bushel (282 L)  
    Blower drive off deck pully  
    Blower housing material Plastic  
    Impeller RPM 4300 rpm  
    Impeller material Plastic


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