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    Fisher 7'5" HT MS Plow


    Fisher 7'5" HT MS Plow

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    Product Description

    Fisher 7'5" HT MS Plow

    7'5" HT (Half-Ton) Series Fisher Plow is a full-size, full-featured snowplow, made just for today’s lighter half-ton pick-ups, so you can plow your property yourself. The steel moldboard is 27” tall and 7½' wide and features a 15½” curl radius for efficient snow rolling action. The 75-degree attack angle is the most aggressive of any plow in its class, providing improved scraping and better back-dragging. Six vertical ribs and a full-length horizontal tube provide extra stability and strength to the core of the blade. Fast hydraulics allow you to change the blade position quickly and easily for efficient plowing. 

    Fisher 7'5" HT MS Plow Features include:

    • Pre-Punched Blades for Accessories - The blade is pre-punched for easy installation of accessories, providing a custom fit. The pre-punched holes also prevent damage to the powder coat that can sometimes occur when installing an accessory.
    • Isolation Module - An underhood module transfers lights from vehicle to plow automatically and improves system reliability by using plug 'n play, sealed electrical connections that comply with OEM requirements. Isolating the plow's electrical system from the vehicle's prevents the potential of electrical system damage in the event of a shorted circuit.
    • Universal Control Options - Choose between the ergonomic Fish-Stik® hand-held control or the dash-mounted joystick control based on your preference. Both feature automatic shutoff, backlit buttons for night operation, and LED lights which indicate "power" and "float" mode. Additional features include programmable "soft-stop," "one-touch" float, built-in SECURITY GUARD™ Anti-Theft System, and plug-in connector for easy removal.
    • STORM GUARD™ Baked-On Powder Coat - The industry’s best protection against wear and rust, the STORM GUARD™ baked-on powder coat with epoxy primer is standard on all FISHER® snow plows.
    • SECURITY GUARD™ Anti-Theft System - The exclusive SECURITY GUARD™ anti-theft system is a safe and secure way to electronically lock your snow plow whenever it is detached from your truck.
    • INTENSIFIRE™ Headlamps - Available in both LED and Dual-Halogen models, INTENSIFIRE™ headlamps are engineered and tested for maximum light output, performance and durability to keep you ahead of the next storm.
    • Minute Mount® 2 Plow Mounting System - Minute Mount® 2 Snowplow Mounting System The reliable, mechanical attachment design of the Minute Mount® 2 snowplow mounting system allows for easy hook-up with no tools required and no electrical switches to fail and leave you struggling out in the cold.
    • Universal In-Cab Plow Controls FLEET FLEX Electrical System - With the FISHER® FLEET FLEX Electrical System, you have true fleet interchangeability. Unlike other manufacturers who require a different control system for different plows, the FISHER FLEET FLEX system lets you operate any FISHER Minute Mount® 2 plow on any truck with the same Fish-Stik® hand-held or joystick control.

    Fisher 7'5" HT MS Plow Specifications:

    • Blade Width - 7'6"
    • Blade Height - 27"
    • Blade Gauge - 14
    • Trip Springs - 2
    • Ribs - 6 + Tube
    • Lift Cylinder - 2" x 6 ¾"
    • Angling Rams - 1 ½" x 8"
    • Plowing Width (Full Angle) - 6'7"
    • Approx. Weight* - 414 lbs
    • Cutting Edge - ⅜" x 6" Steel", ½" x 6" Steel, 1" x 6" Poly
    • Mount Type - Minute Mount® 2

    Pricing shown is with the hand-held Fish-Stik® control with power “on” and “float” LED and automatic shut-off. Plow package also available with compact joystick controller (HT75JPKG-FIS). Plow prices include complete installation consisting of subframe mount, wiring harness and incab control.

    Find this Fisher 7'5" HT MS Plow  at Kooy Brothers Equipment Ltd. located at 1919 Wilson Avenue in Toronto, Ontario.

    Contact us today for more information.

    *Price is subject to change without notice. Errors and omissions exempted.

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