Prepping Your Yard For Winter

10/16/2018 @ 2:13 PM

No matter how much we try and deny it, winter is coming. Before we know it the first frost will be here and then the snow won’t be too far behind. Now is the time to winterize your yard and we’re here to help.

Hoping for that luscious, green grass to appear when all the snow melts? If you prep your lawn before the snow comes, you can reap the rewards in the spring.  

Mulch: When you cut your lawn make sure you are mulching the excess grass and leaves back into your lawn, it may not look as clean but doing this adds nutrients to your soil.

Aerate: Aerating in the fall helps break up the dry, compacted soil allowing fertilizer, seed, water and nutrients to impact the root.

Over seed, fertilize and water: Make sure you over seed within 48 hours after you aerate. Use a starter fertilizer that doesn’t contain weed control – if it contains weed control your seed won’t germinate properly.

*PSA: over seed does not mean use too much seed, it means seeding over existing turf.

It’s time to put those gardens to bed.

Clean up: Pull any straggling weeds that might be hanging around and remove any rotten or dead plants. Once the temperature drops, it’s also a good time to cut back your perennials, taking them down to an inch or two off the ground.

Make it cozy: Consider adding light mulch, hay or straw to your garden bed to help regulate the temperatures and moisture, easing your plants into the cold and protecting them from the hard freezes.

Clean out your gutters.

Clogged gutters can lead to a leaky roof and water damage. Clogs also make great homes from rodents, bugs and mold. Does unclogging your gutters sound like a nightmare? We can help make cleaning your gutters easier with a blower gutter kit. Simply connect the blower attachment to your handheld blower and blow the leaves from your gutters while you remain standing on the ground.

Don’t wait until that first unexpected snow fall hits – come into Kooy Brothers and let us pair you with the right equipment to get your fall yard clean-up taken care of.

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