08/25/2020 @ 3:13 PM

To Our Valued Customers and Friends:

You can rest assured our outstanding team at Kooy Brothers is ready to assist you with all your equipment, parts, service and financing needs in a clean and safe environment.


  •  Our store at 1919 Wilson Avenue, Toronto is OPEN with slightly adjusted business hours (closed at 4:30pm instead of our usual 5:30pm). Please check hours regularly on google and our contact us web page as hours are subject to change.


  •  Recently the COVID-19 "rules" have changed in the city of Toronto. Here is a link specifying the details of those changes, some of which includes that all persons inside our business must now wear a mask at all times. You will now see a sign upon entry into our building that states this. We ask for your sincere respect in this as we would love to keep our doors open to serving you; therefore we must follow the protocols put forth by the City Council. We ask that while in store, you wear your mask properly over your nose and mouth (unless you have medical exemptions).


  •  Please still try and use proper self distancing of 2M when speaking with our employees or passing other customers. We also ask that while in-store, you respect the following in-store protocols:


    •  Stay and wait behind marked yellow lines


    •  Limit the touching of counters, computers, phones and the sharing of stationary


    Also we ask that if you have cared for someone who is ill with COVID-19 or you yourself are not feeling well and are exhibiting any cold symptoms, that you please refrain from coming into the store.


  •  We ask for your patience at this time as we will be limiting the number of people in our store at one time.


  •  SHOP ONLINE! - If you would prefer not to come in person, then we encourage you to take advantage of our online store at where you can expect the same quality products, parts and accessories that you would find in store. If the product or part shows out of stock please call us as we can let you know if it's something we can order in for you. You can purchase online and choose our contact free curbside pick up option! *NOTE: Please do not order online in our parking lot and expect immediate delivery to your vehicle. When your item is ready for pick up you will receive an emailed notification saying so - until then please respect that our staff is extremely busy and are trying their absolute best to accomodate everyones needs at this time. 
    Whether you call in store to order a product or you ordered online, you can pick-up your purchase outside our store building at the designated CURBSIDE PICK UP area (under the banner on the hwy side of our building). Call us upon your arrival and we will take your purchase out to you. P: 416-242-3513.


  •  We have additional staff cleaning throughout the day. Expect rigorous cleaning of frequently used surfaces, door handles, counter tops and washrooms. 


  •  PRODUCT DELIVERY - If you have purchased a larger piece of equipment that our product specialists will be delivering to you, first off THANK YOU!, but in all seriousness we ask that you please refrain from shaking our employee's hands or back patting or elbow bumping. Also it would be appreciated if you could wear a mask while our sales specialists show you how to operate the equipment and hand over the keys. We are so deeply thankful for your business and though we do love a good pat on the back and a firm handshake, we ask that at this time you withhold from doing so out of respect to our staff and their families. 


We thank you for taking time to read our COVID-19 updates. We will continue to quickly post any new information as it comes available. We are motivated to continue to help you as best we can while trying our absolute best to stop the spread of this virus.