Camo Never Goes Out of Style

09/03/2020 @ 10:23 PM

Look and feel your best this hunting season!

With our new RealTree STIHL camo hoodies, you can look great, feel comfortable and blend in perfectly to your surroundings.

NEW this year is our "mini me" Youth RealTree STIHL camo hoody. Like father, like son!

STIHL Camouflage Sweaters

You may be set on spending this fall flying solo at a hunt camp in the woods, all decked out in your stealthy tree branch get up...BUT...most likely there's going to be a time you'll be in close proximity to your buddies or at least the person at the Tim's drive thru. 
It's for those close moments we have a STIHL camoulfage face mask to help you keep that safe distance.
Camo looks good on just about everybody and though wearing a mask sucks for everyone but Batman, at least with this awesome camo mask you won't look like you're wearing a jock on your face.

STIHL camouflage face mask

When you're heading out into the forest this hunt, be prepared to clear the trail of fallen trees and brush. By prepared we mean with the right tools and gear to tackle the job.

We stock stylish STIHL camo chaps to protect those legs from harm and nasty kickback.

STIHL Camo Chaps

We have the largest in stock selection of chainsaws in the greater Toronto area, which include the STIHL and ECHO brands. Buy a chainsaw online and pick it up, gassed up and ready-to-go in our store!

STIHL Chainsaw Wall

Some of our best sellers:

STIHL MS 170 Chainsaw ECHO CS-3510 Chainsaw

 If you're looking to add some extra fun to the hunt, consider a Kubota RTV in camo for some serious off-roading adventure.

Kubota Camo RTVKubota RTV in Camo rear view



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