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    Product # 8H0AC685

    BCS Professional 853 Tractor 8H0AC685

    BCS Professional 853 Tractor 8H0AC685

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    Product Description

    The BCS Professional 853 Tractor 8H0AC685 combines the best of both worlds: a third working speed AND a fourth transport speed for even more versatility. Now, owners can utilize the benefits of all BCS implements due to its sufficient horsepower, while also having the option of riding transport attachments like the utility trailer.

    The difference between the 852 and 853 is simple: the transport speed can only be applied in rear-mount mode (tiller) on the 853; the transport speed is only available in front-mount (mower) mode on the 852. These are the only BCS tractors offering a transport speed and a third working speed.

    Features Include:

    • Fast transport speed for all front-mount attachments
    • Differential Drive with Lockout
    • Easy-to-engage, shuttle-type reverse
    • Anti-vibe handlebars that instantly adjust both vertically and side-to-side

    The 853 also features individual wheel brakes for increased maneuverability—especially helpful when making frequent turns and parking.

    The 853 comes with a Honda GX390 engine with recoil and electric start options. A Kohler diesel option may be available, please ask your dealer for availability.

    The 8H0AC685 BCS Professional 853 Tractor is available at Kooy Brothers located at 1919 Wilson Ave, Toronto, Ontario.

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