Winter weather is tough enough. Make snow removal easy with a powerful Toro snowblower.

    From the small Electric Power Shovel to the heavy-duty Power Max® HD, our Toro snowblowers combine outstanding durability with advanced technology so you can clear snow like a pro.
    With Toro, reliability is built in — so you can count on performance winter after winter.

    Kooy Brothers has the largest stock of Toro Snow blowers in the gta! 

    Whether you're looking to remove snow from your driveway, deck or walkway, Kooy Brothers has a Toro snow thrower to suit your needs. If you require a more powerful Toro Snowblower to use for commercial purposes, we have those too! Our helpful product specialists will assist you in finding the perfect Toro to suit your snow removal needs. 

    Why Choose Toro?



    Power Clear technology was developed with a curved rotor and inverted funnel housing to help move more snow in less time and virtually eliminate clogging.  Power Clear technology comes standard on electric and all single-stage models. 

     The Anti-clogging system (ACS) lets excess snow bypass the chute and be returned into the auger allowing you to cut through thick and heavy snow with ease. The Anti-Clogging System is standard on all two-stage snowblowers. 


    Toro's single-stage snowblowers are equipped with heavy duty drive belt, wider than in years past. This allows for the belt to transfer more torque and maximize the life of your machine. 

    Toro's special hardened gears are designed to withstand the stresses of heavy and wet snow. No need for shear pins!


     The Quick Stick chute control lets you change the direction of the chute as well as the angle of the deflector on the go, so no need to stop and fidget with where your snow is going.

    Toro’s innovative Personal Pace self-propel system automatically senses and adapts to your walking speed.

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    Toro is hands down the best choice for driveway snow removal. You’ll be glad you chose Toro every time it snows! 
    Check out our full line up of TORO Snowblowers here!