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Warning: Three Reasons a Poorly-Maintained Lawnmower Is Unsafe

Lawnmowers – be they ride-on or walk-behind models – are safe pieces of equipment, provided they are used and maintained as per manufacturers’ instructions.

If they’re operated and maintained properly, they shouldn’t cause injuries. On the other hand, old or damaged mowers cause safety risks that you can largely avoid through repairs and replacement.

But sometimes, people won’t bother to fix – or replace – a poorly-maintained mower until it stops working.

Here are three reasons why using a poorly-maintained lawnmower is unsafe:

1.     Constant Blade Check-ups Result in Cuts

How many times do you check your lawnmower blades in the middle of a job? Maybe they’re not cutting properly or blade tip speed is simply too slow. Regardless, you shouldn’t have to check them often.

If you do, it could be a sign you’re using an inefficient mower – or have dull blades – and exposing yourself to safety risks.

The blades may start turning again at any moment, causing serious damage if you’re adjusting them. That’s why you must always turn off the machine and disconnect the spark plug wire before checking them.

Even so, disabled blades may be sharp. You can easily slice a finger if you’re not careful.  

But you can avoid the need for frequent blade check-ups by simply using a well-maintained machine.

2.     Prolonged Exposure to Loud Noise Causes Ear Damage

Most lawnmowers are loud. That’s why operators should wear ear protection.

But mowers with motor problems are sometimes louder, as they muscle through simple tasks. They pose a greater threat to your hearing as a result. In fact, the excessive noise from an old or poorly-maintained lawnmower can cause long-term ear damage.

Exposure to these loud lawnmowers also hurts the hearing of those nearby. Despite this, some yard workers don’t feel the need to protect their ears.

3.     Improper Operation Leads to Over-Exertion

Often, people rely on powerful mowers to lessen the physical burden of cutting a large lawn. It’s especially common for those who suffer from health problems.

By using a commercial or residential ride-on model such as the Toro Timecutter, you can easily handle properties with lots of grass.

But with a poorly-maintained mower, the relaxing job suddenly becomes strenuous.

Frequently stopping, starting, and checking the machine prolong your time in the heat. If you’re using a push or walk-behind mower, you’ll quickly work up a heavy sweat.

If your body can’t handle an unplanned workout, you put it at risk through over-exertion with an inefficient lawnmower.

Heed these three dangers of using an inefficient lawnmower. Play it safe. Invest in a mower that runs well and helps you quickly complete yard work.  

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