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Snow Removal Safety Gear Checklist

Kooy Brothers carries all the winter snow removal equipment you’ll need for this coming winter. But did you know we also carry all the supplies you’ll need to stay safe while working in cold and snowy conditions?

We’ve put together a checklist of what you need to stay warm and visible while you keep the streets clear this winter.

 Insulated winter boots with safety toes.

Try the Baffin Insulated -40°C Waterproof Boot or the unbeatable Baffin Workhorse Winter Boot which will keep your feet warm in -60°C conditions.

 Thermal cold weather work gloves.

We carry coated work gloves that keep your hands warm and give you a safe grip on snow blower controls. Pick up the Showa Thermafit 451 or the Zorb-It Black Ice 4545 to keep your fingers from freezing.

 Moisture wicking base layer.

It’s better to wear several layers than wear one heavy coat. Start with a merino wool or microfiber base layer to help keep your clothes warm and dry all day long.

 Water bottle and snacks.

Working out in the cold causes your body to lose energy faster. Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration and keep healthy snacks on hand. Make sure you take frequent breaks on chilly days to bring up your body temperature.

 Plow guides and flags.

Use flags to increase your visibility and improve plow blade positioning. We enjoy the “Let It Snow” plow guides from Western.

 Kooy Brothers T-Shirt

We know winter and so do you!  Let everyone know that you’re a “snow pro” with one of our We Know Snow T-shirts!

Kooy Brothers wishes you a great snow removal season; stay warm and stay safe!