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Should You Buy a Straight Plow or a V-Plow?

You’ve been out there plowing snow at four in the morning. You’ve been through the toughest winter storms. Maybe you’re new to snow plowing, or maybe you’ve been doing it for years. You’re honing your skills – you want to get it done efficiently.

So when it comes to buying the next plow for your truck, do you go with the straight plow or the V-plow?

Straight plows are less expensive. Initial costs are less, and because they have fewer moving parts, maintenance costs are less too. If you’re only doing residential snow plowing and you don’t want to break the bank, go with the straight plow.

V-plows, on the other hand, are full of advantages:

You can adjust the V blade to the best position for the job at hand. If your plowing involves a bunch of different types of areas (parking lots, driveways, roads, etc.) then you’ll want to be able to change the blade between the straight, angled, scoop, and V positions. It’s versatile, and even if you don’t use all of the positions every time you move that snow around, it’s nice to know that they’re there for you.

The V-plow is ideal for pushing snow around cars – for example, if you’re plowing a parking lot that has a few stragglers left there overnight. 

The scoop position is great for when you need to move a significant amount of snow. It also allows for better, more efficient, stacking.

The V position can slice through hard, frozen snow much better than the straight blade.

Deep snow, heavy wet snow, and deep drifts are handled better by a truck with a V-plow. Your truck won’t shift to the side from the weight of the snow.

The V-plow is more efficient. You’ll probably get your job done in a fraction of the time that it would take with a straight plow (but if you don’t, don’t come crying to us). 

Straight plow or V-plow? We like the V-plow for most situations, but sometimes all you need is the cost-effective, simple straight plow. It’s up to you.

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