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STIHL MultiSystem MM 55 C-E with Easy2Start and MF-MM Dethatcher Attachment

Price: $749.99 Model Number: MM 55 C-E Dethatcher MF-MM


MM 55 C-E STIHL MultiStystem allows you to use an array of different tools to get the job done with STIHL's Easy2Start feature. The dethatcher attachment (Dethatcher MF-MM) removes moss and matted growth from the surface of the lawn quickly and thoroughly. Complete with guard extension and apron. Working width of 50cm. The MM55 engine on which the system is based is also used in STIHL brushcutters and blowers. A primer fuel pump and the semi-adjustable carburetor with accelerator pump ensure a quick and easy start. With this STIHL MultiSystem you are perfectly equipped for a whole variety of lawn-care, soil-cultivation and clearing jobs.
MultiTools include: pick tines, bolo tines, edger, aerator, dethatcher, powersweep, and bristle brush.

Features include:

  • Multi-function handle which allows you to control all machine functions
  • Folds easily for convenient carrying and easy transporting
  • Ideally balanced making it highly agile and easy to guide
  • Front loop handle makes light work of transportation
  • All the MultiTools can be replaced without difficulty and without the need for special tools as a result, the system is particularly easy to clean. 

Find the Stihl Yardboss MM 55 C-E with Dethatcher Attachment MF-MM at Kooy Brothers Equipment Ltd. located at 1919 Wilson Avenue in Toronto, Ontario.

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*Price is shown for MM 55C-E ($499.95) plus the Dethatcher attachment MF-MM ($249.95) Totalling: $749.99.

Price is subject to change without notice. Errors and omissions exempted.


Have access to an array of different tools to get the job done with STIHL's Easy2Start feature.


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