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STIHL HT 56 C-E Long-Reach Pole Pruner with 12" cutting attachment featuring Easy2Start System

Price: $499.95 Model Number: HT56C-E


This 27.2cc STIHL HT 56 C-E Pole Pruner is STIHL's newest, lightweight model designed for the occasional user

Features Include:

  • 27.2cc engine - stratified scavenging engine technology that reduces fuel consumption by 20% and fullfils all emission regulations
  • 10" guide bar and a reach of up to 13' - to make pruning jobs quick and easy
  • Overall length with bar and chain - 280cm
  • Multi-function control handle - This houses all the engine controls. Easy, comfortable thumb-operated control means the operator's hand never leaves the handle.
  • STIHL Easy2Start™ - A genuine advance in easy starting. STIHL Easy2Start™ (E) cuts the effort required to start the tool by half, while the starter cord can be pulled at just one third of the normal force. All it takes is 2 fingers and a gentle pull action.
  • Split shaft - for ease of transport
  • Manual fuel pump (purger) - A small fuel pump delivers fuel to the carburetor at the touch of a button. This reduces the number of starting pulls required following extended breaks in operations.
  • Power Output: 0.8kW
  • Weight: 13.7lbs
  • Optional comfort harness (sold separately) - provides uniform load distribution over the shoulders for maximum comfort,

The STIHL HT 56 C-E pole pruner is available at Kooy Brothers Equipment Ltd. located at 1919 Wilson Avenue in Toronto, Ontario.

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This long reach, lightweight pole pruner is designed for the occasional user.


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