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STIHL Electric Hedge Trimmer HSE 70 with 24" Reciprocating Double-Sided Blades

Price: $289.95 Model Number: HSE70


With a blade six inches longer than the HSE 60, yet weighing only a few ounces more, the HSE 70 is one of two 120-volt STIHL electric hedge trimmers.

Features Include:

  • 24" blade length
  • heavy-duty gearbox
  • lightweight well balanced design
  • large front handle - for multi-position cutting
  • double-sided reciprocating blade
  • extension cord clip on handle
  • screw slots in guard for convenient storage Lightweight and fast, it's also powerful and very quiet - ideal for the discerning homeowner or professional working or living in noise or emission-restricted areas. 

Find the STIHL HSE 70 Electric Hedge Trimmer with 24" Reciprocating Double-Sided Blades at Kooy Brothers Equipment Ltd. located at 1919 Wilson Avenue in Toronto, Ontario.

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Can be utilized for a variety of purposes on large gardens and estates, particularly if there are long, thick hedges to be cut


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