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STIHL BT 130 Gas Powered Earth Auger / Post Hole Digger

Price: $1,049.95 Model Number: BT130


This STIHL BT 130 Gas Powered Earth Auger / Post Hole Digger features a a low-emission engine and 25% reduced fuel consumption vs. the STIHL BT 121. It is equipped with the exclusive STIHL® Quickstop® drill brake, triggered by the operator’s thigh as soon as the drill jams in the ground, and offers a vast array of auger bits (sold separately) for drilling holes up to 10” diameter in earth or in ice.

Features Include:

  • 36.3cc engine
  • Vibration dampening frame - The vibration-dampening frame with four vibration elements provides comfortable working and reduces fatigue when drilling. The engine is positioned separately from the handle frame, allowing easier working over longer periods.
  • Hip padding - During use the hip pad is positioned comfortably close to the body or leg of the operator, making the auger safe and easy to use.
  • QuickStop drill brake - The innovative STIHL QuickStop drill brake makes a vital contribution to work safety. In addition, the QuickStop drill brake acts to stop backwards rotation. A jammed drilling bit can simply be unscrewed from the borehole.
  • Weight - 21.8lbs

Find the STIHL BT 130 one-man Earth and Ice Auger at Kooy Brothers Eqiupment Ltd. located at 1919 Wilson Avenue, Toronto Ontario.

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Suitable for drilling vertical holes in the most demanding soil or in ice.


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