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SnowEx 200 gallon AccuSpray In-Bed de-Icing Sprayer VSS-2000

Price: $7,399.95 Model Number: VSS-2000


The electric-powered VSS-2000 de-icing sprayer from SnowEx with 84" boom has a 200-gallon capacity. It comes with 3-position de-icing nozzles and a spray wand, which are all managed by a multi-zone controller. This setup is perfect for any contractor looking to offer liquid anti-icing and de-icing services.

Features Include:

  • Patented polyethylene tank - eliminates corrosion
  • 200 gallon capacity
  • Completely electric powered – no engines
  • Exclusive zone spraying system - activate spray for any combination of nozzles (boom, left curb, right curb and spray wand)
  • 3-position spray nozzles in boom (select triple-stream, single-stream or wide-fan)
  • Commercial-strength spray wand attaches to 100 feet of hose on a heavy-duty 100-foot capacity retractable reel (optional)
  • 50-foot hose and manual reel standard on VSS-1000
  • Models for use with utility vehicles, pickup trucks and larger flatbed and dump trucks
  • Cab-mounted controller
  • 2-year warranty
  • Spraying Width: up to 25' (7.6 m)
  • Spraying Material: All de-Icing and anti-Icing liquids
  • Spraying Volume: Up to 30 gallons per acre. With 8' boom, maximum application is 20 gallons per lane mile @ 15 mph for de-icing (pre-storm). (Not for multi-lane highway use.)
  • Weight (Empty): 450 lbs. (204.1 kg)
  • Overall Length: 88" (223.5 cm) x Overall Height: 64" (162.6 cm) x Overall Width: 82" boom (208.3 cm)

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Easily operated using a cab-mounted, multi-zone controller.


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