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Green Touch Xtreme series Backpack Blower Rack XG108 for use in Open and Enclosed Trailers

Price: $268.12 Model Number: XG108


Xtreme series Backpack Blower Rack by Green Touch XG108. The only blower rack featuring a totally shielded lock making it impossible to cut or pry open the locking mechanism. It is designed for maximum security and ease/speed of use. To remove your blower simply unlock the padlock pull the bail located at the top of the rack and slide the locking mechanism up, the locking mechanism will stay in the open position while the blower is removed. To close, pull the bail, once the bail has been release the locking mechanism will ratchet down securing the blower in place then simply push the lock in. When the rack is locked the locking mechanism can ratchet down tighter but it cannot be raised. The ratchet on the locking mechanism locks the blower in place even without locking the padlock. Works with all brands and models of backpack blowers. Advanced locking system for security/speed. Heavy gauge powder coated steel. No assembly required. Includes all mounting hardware.

Find the Xtreme series Backpack Blower Rack XG108 by Green Touch at Kooy Brothers Equipment Ltd. in Toronto at 1919 Wilson Avenue, Toronto Ontario.

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For use in open and enclosed trailers.

Green Touch

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