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GCK72H-300Z Z Series Grass Catcher

Starting From: $4,587.00 Model Number: GCK72H-300Z


Features : -

  • Hopper Type Collection System - The GCK60H-300Z uses a compact hopper style design for collecting the clippings and like material. The compact design allows the GCK60H-300Z to maintain the zero-turn manoeuvrability and been very efficient with the 11.4 bushel (400 L) capacity.
  • Easy On/Off Design - Once the original mount kit is installed the GCK60H-300Z can be installed or removed in seconds. To remove the system, just slide out the on-board parking leg stands.
  • 15.5 Inch Dumping Height - From the operator's seat, the extended arm lever can be pushed down, opening the hopper 15.5" above the ground. The wide opening and high clearance increase productivity and decrease dumping time.
  • Vented Rear Screen - The Pro Commercial Mower Deck and Blower Kit produce a lot of velocity and air flow to the catcher. A ‘breather’ screen allows air to escape the back of the system. It is necessary to have the ventilation of the GCK60H-300Z to allow the air out and the clippings to stay in.
  • Compact Design - Keeping the back of the Hopper close to the rear drive-axle limits the tail swing and prevents damage to fences, trees, houses and like obstacles.
  • Extendable Leg Stands - When you are ready to drop off the hopper, simply extend the onboard leg stands. This keeps the unit off the ground while providing easy on/off applications even for only one person.

The GCK72H-300Z Z Series Grass Catcher is available at Kooy Brothers, located at 1919 Wilson Ave., Toronto, Ontario.

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Specifications : -

Specification Detail  
Collection System
Model Name GCK72H-300Z  
Compatible tractors ZD331LP-72  
Compatible mower decks Pro Commercial RCK72P-331Z  
(J) Overall height in carrying position 61.0 in. (1549 mm)  
Dumping Height 15.5 in. (393.7 mm)  
Capacity 11.35 Bushel (400 L)


    "Catch All" Hopper Style
    11.4 Bushel Capacity
    Easy On/Off Design
    Compact & Manoeuvrable
    72" Pro Commercial Deck



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