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Fisher 7'5" HT MS Plow

Price: $7,398.00 Model Number: HT75FPKG-FIS

Plow prices include complete installation consisting of subframe mount, wiring harness and incab control.


7'5" HT (Half-Ton) Series Fisher Plow is a full-size, full-featured snowplow, made just for today’s lighter half-ton pick-ups, so you can plow your property yourself. The steel moldboard is 27” tall and 7½' wide and features a 15½” curl radius for efficient snow rolling action. The 75-degree attack angle is the most aggressive of any plow in its class, providing improved scraping and better back-dragging. Six vertical ribs and a full-length horizontal tube provide extra stability and strength to the core of the blade. Fast hydraulics allow you to change the blade position quickly and easily for efficient plowing. 

  • Pricing shown is with the hand-held Fish-Stik® control with power “on” and “float” LED and automatic shut-off.
  • Plow package also available with compact joystick controller (HT75JPKG-FIS).

Find this 7'5" Fisher Half-ton Snowplow model HT75FPKG-FIS at Kooy Brothers Equipment Ltd. located at 1919 Wilson Avenue in Toronto, Ontario.

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The HT Series snow plow is a full-size, full-featured snow plow, made just for today’s lighter half-ton pickups, so you can plow your property yourself.


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