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F5720 F Series Snowblower

Starting From: $4,832.00 Model Number: F5720


Features : -

  • 57 Inch Cutting width - With standard tires, the F80 Series tractor and F5720 snowblower, you will easily cut through snow 57" wide.
  • Quick Hitch Design - The F80 Quick Hitch Design allows for fast and easy attachment or detachment of front mount implements. Switch from blowing snow to sweeper or blade work in seconds.
  • High Torque Low Speed - The Chute rotation uses a high torque low speed motor, providing more traction on the snow removal and prevents ice buildup.
  • 2 Keyway Design Output Shaft - The 2 Keyway Design on the output shaft or gear reduction box improves the durability.
  • Adjustable Skid Shoes - The F5720 has two pin hole adjustment locations for the skid shoes. This allows a more customized setting for the ground base (asphalt or grave for example).
  • Heavy Duty Chute - The chute is designed like the rest of the snow blower, to commercial standards. The heavy duty design means it will stand up to the harsh environments and debris. The hydraulic rotation makes operation as easy as possible.

The F5720 F Series Snowblower is available at Kooy Brothers, located at 1919 Wilson Ave., Toronto, Ontario.

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Specifications : -

Specification Detail  
Snow Blower
Model F5720  
Overall length 29 in. (736.6 mm)  
Overall width 51 1/8 in. (1297.9 mm)  
Overall height 23.5 in. (596.9 mm)  
Cutting width 51.0 in. (1295.4 mm)  
Cutting height 21.1 in. (561.3 mm)  
Frame thickness 12 gauge  
Side thinkness 3/16 in. (4.83 mm)  
Impeller back housing thickness 12 gauge  
Impeller side housing thickness 12 gauge  
Drive System
Number of phases 2  
Primary Drive PTO  
Auger & impeller drive worm gear box ratio 5:1 + reduction gearbox 3.58:1  
Auger diameter 13.75 in. (349.25 mm)  
Auger pitch 16.13 in. (408.94 mm)  
Impeller diameter 17.75 in. (450.85 mm)  
Number of blades on impeller 4  
Chute position Right  
Chute rotation Hydraulic  
Adjustable chute deflector Yes, manual, electric or hydraulic option  
Adjustable rear skid shoes Yes  
Replaceable cutting edge Yes  
Number of shear bolts on auger 2  
Number of shear bolts on impeller 1  
Hitch system Quick hitch category B  


    57" Cutting width
    Two stage snowblower
    Quick hitch design
    Shaft drive, hydraulic lift
    Hydraulic chute



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