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Blizzard Plow 8600SW Speedwing

Reg. Price: $8,430.00
Sale Price: $8,130.00
Model Number: 8600SW

5 units left in stock.


Plow prices include complete installation consisting of subframe mount, wiring harness and incab control. Please call for pricing.

The Blizzard SpeedWing Plow (Model: 8600SW) with dimensions- 8'6" is perfect for 4x4 pick-up trucks, 3/4 & 1 ton. This plow is heavy duty, fast and efficient with heavy duty coil springs to absorb shock when striking curbs and manholes. The side wings expand to make the plow wider!  The BLIZZARD® SPEEDWING™ automatically defaults to a scoop position for straight forward plowing, creating maximum snow containment pushing and stacking snow. When the blade is angled for windrowing, the trailing wing automatically folds back in line with the main moldboard, while the leading wing retains its forward position to capture more snow and prevent spillover,  allowing you to use the entire blade. This is the cost-effective multi-position plow that's as easy to use as a straight blade.

The Blizzard SpeedWing Plow 8600SW is available at Kooy Brothers Equipment Ltd. located at 1919 Wilson Avenue in Toronto, Ontario.

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The BLIZZARD SPEEDWING™ blade thinks for itself with wings that automatically angle forward or back, based on blade position, to maximize plowing efficiency.


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