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BCS Power Safe 750 Tractor 8CBV1100 390cc

Price: $6,699.95 Model Number: 8CBV1100


The BCS Power Safe 750 8CBV1100 with 390cc Honda GX390 engine is the only BCS tractor with the ability to power the large 33 inch tiller, made possible by a heavy-duty mounting flange for increased strength. The 750 comes with a unique quick-attach system for the effortless exchanging of implements. Individual wheel brakes also assist the operator in maneuvering the tractor, and is especially useful when turning the machine at the end of garden rows.

Designed for the most demanding commercial applications, the 750 is oriented to the tilling needs of commercial market farms and nurseries. The 33 inch tiller can be reduced to 27 inches, and can prepare acres of seedbed in a reasonable length of time and cultivate even more. Special gear reduction mechanisms on the wheel axles enable the large 6.5 x 12 inch tires to achieve slower ground speeds ideal for both primary and secondary tillage. Conversely, these slower ground speeds reduce the 750's productivity when mowing.

The 750's PowerSafe clutch differs from standard models by utilizing a hydro-mechanical, “wet” clutch instead of the spring-loaded, double-cone clutch. This wet clutch is longer-lasting, backed by a five-year warranty for non-commercial homeowners. It also gives operators smoother shifting and safer operation.

Another distinct feature is the PowerSafe’s ability to immediately stop power to the implement when the Operator Presence Control lever is released without shutting down the engine. This saves time (and your back!) by not having to re-start the engine after every release of the red safety lever. A shut-off switch is located on the left handlebar to shut off the engine

Features Include:

  • Engine: Honda GX390 (Recoil Start)
  • Transmission: Hydraulic Disc Clutch, All Gear Drive with Locking Differential
  • # of Gears 3 Forward / 3 Reverse
  • Ground Speeed: 0.6, 1.4, 2.2 Mph
  • Tire Size: 6.5"x12" (22" Dia)
  • Brakes: Independent Right & Left / Dual Parking
  • The PowerSafe Models include the Models 740 & 750.
  • The distinctive characteristic of our Power Safe Series is the new Power Safe clutch system, steering brakes and differential drive.

The BCS Walk Behind Tractor model 8CBV1100 from the Power Safe 750 Series with 390cc Honda GX390 engine and Recoil Starter is available at Kooy Brothers Equipment Ltd. located at 1919 Wilson Avenue in Toronto, Ontario.

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