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New Kubota M-Series Tractors Coming Fall 2015

New Kubota M-Series Tractors Coming Fall 2015

Kubota is revamping their larger M-series tractors and introducing 3 new series of M-Series tractors this fall!


A new wide cabin, dramatically cleaner emissions, and powerful engines highlight the new M5-091/M5-111 diesel tractors from Kubota. Features include a F8/R8 or F12/R12 or F24/R24 transmission, electro hydraulic shuttle, and an optional instructor's seat.

M5-091 - 92.5 HP

M5-111 - 105.6 HP


The new M6-series deluxe mid-size tractors with more cab space offer a high level of comfort even under the most demanding jobs. Features include a 24F/24R Powershift transmission (32F/32R with creep), electro-hydraulic shuttle, and factory flow control remotes.

M6-101 - 104.5 HP

M6-111 - 114.1 HP

M6-131 - 131.6 HP

M6-141 - 141.4 HP


The M7-series is Kubota's mid-range tractor entry into the commercial livestock and row-crop production markets. This series features the largest horsepower tractors that Kubota has released.

M7-131 - 128 HP

M7-151 - 148 HP

M7-171 - 168 HP

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