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Introducing SnowEx’s New Snow Plow Lineup backed by Blizzard’s Longstanding Reputation for Quality

Blizzard is well-known for offering reliable, durable products, which Kooy Brothers has proudly delivered to its customers for many years. This year will be the first that Douglas Dynamic, Blizzard’s parent company, will stop producing snow plows under the Blizzard name as it rolls out its new line of SnowEx snow plows.

Douglas Dynamic acquired SnowEx, a brand best recognized for its salt spreaders and sprayers, in May 2013. In creating SnowEx’s lineup of snow plows, Douglas Dynamic drew on Blizzard’s powerful legacy and SnowEx’s strong reputation among users.

SnowEx’s new snow plows combine the best of both worlds: SnowEx’s commitment to quality and reliability, backed by a two-year warranty, and Blizzard’s 65-years of experience producing dependable plows that deliver exceptional performance and durability.


SOURCE: SnowEx’s website

SnowEx’s Continued Commitment to Quality Snow Plows and Equipment

Customers who have already purchased Blizzard equipment can rest assured that parts and service will be available for at least the next five years. Additionally, you can use your existing Blizzard mounts and wiring to retrofit a new SnowEx plow.

SnowEx plows are manufactured in Douglas Dynamics’ facilities, capitalizing on Douglas’ long-standing expertise. They are made with high-strength, low-alloy steel components and sturdy base channels featuring multiple angles, adding torsional strength and preventing twisting under heavy loads. This not only maximizes durability, but makes them both stronger and lighter than conventional plows. They also come with the Automatixx attachment system, a new, advanced technology that simplifies snow plow hookup.

SnowEx’s Product Lineup

Watch for these exciting SnowEx models this year:

  • Power Plow: SnowEx has adopted Blizzard’s flagship product and given it a few tweaks. The Power Plow has expandable wings, which adjust quickly for maximum windrowing, scooping, and cornering performance. It is available in 8’1’’ to 11’ widths.


SOURCE: SnowEx’s website

  • Speedwing: The Speedwing has a width of 8’7’’ and features blades that adjust automatically depending on the angle of the plow.
  • Heavy-Duty: In redesigning this model, SnowEx did away with the flared moldboard that was unique to Blizzard, replacing it with the more common flattop design. SnowEx also strengthened the Heavy-Duty by adding a horizontal angled power rib and robust quadrant. The widths of this straight-blade plow range from 7’6’’ to 9’.

  • Regular-Duty: SnowEx’s model has a flattop moldboard where the Blizzard LT was flared. This straight-blade plow is available in widths ranging from 7’6’’ to 8’. It is ideal for half-ton pickups.
  • Light-Duty: SnowEx added some upgrades to the Blizzard Sport Utility to improve their model. The Light-Duty has full-length, 2’’ coiled springs and two additional vertical ribs, making it sturdier and more durable. This straight-blade plow is available in 6’8’’ and 7’2’’ widths.
  • Power Pusher: These box plows easily attach to skid steers, enabling them to move large amounts of snow with ease. The Power Pusher is available in 8’ and 10’ widths.

When in doubt, contact one of our experienced staff to discuss your options so you can make an informed purchase suited to your individual needs.

Check out Kooy’s full lineup of snow plows here.

Kooy Brothers has provided quality snow equipment and service for over 30 years. Contact Kooy Brothers to learn more about SnowEx’s new lineup.

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