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Introducing Shindaiwa’s New Range of Lithium-Ion Equipment

Shindaiwa has been a leading-edge manufacturer of outdoor power equipment for over 50 years, delivering blowers, trimmers, chainsaws, and more. They are recognized for their performance and durability in the commercial landscaping industry.

With its new lineup of lithium-ion cordless trimmers and blowers, Shindaiwa is changing the game – combining the power of Shindaiwa with the convenience of cordless technology. Shindaiwa designs and manufactures their battery-powered tools all the way down to the motor, guaranteeing reliability and quality.

5 Benefits of Shindaiwa’s Lithium-Ion Cordless Tools

1.       Powerful Performance

Shindaiwa’s line of lithium-ion cordless equipment is based on the design of their trusted gas-powered product, to deliver similar power and performance.

  • The lithium-ion cordless blower has a centrifugal design for more air speed than comparable battery-powered blowers.
  • The lithium-ion cordless trimmers feature a solid shaft, which delivers increased acceleration, and a 1.4:1 gear ratio to improve cutting torque.

2.       Reduced Noise

Battery-powered tools are quieter than their gas-powered counterparts, making them ideal for use in residential settings, as well as commercial properties such as schools and offices.

3.       Easy to Use

Shindaiwa’s lineup of Lithium-Ion Cordless tools incorporates built-in features to make them simple to operate and comfortable to handle.

  • The lithium-ion cordless blower uses an anti-rotation pipe to counteract centrifugal force and relieve pressure on the operator’s arm.
  • The lithium-ion cordless trimmers feature double-sided and reciprocating blades with tip guard, providing increased protection while working near obstacles like fences and walls.

4.       Eco-Friendly

Shindaiwa makes it easy to go green. Their Lithium-Ion Cordless equipment has no exhaust during operation. Lithium-Ion batteries are also rechargeable, letting you reuse them time and time again.

5.       Industry-Leading Warranty

Shindaiwa stands behind its products with comprehensive warranties.

  • 5-year consumer warranty
  • 2-year commercial warranty
  • 2-year battery warranty

Shindaiwa’s New Battery-Powered Trimmers and Blowers

  • T3000 String Trimmer: With the two-amp-hour battery, average runtime is 29 minutes with a 12-inch cutting diameter, or, 22 minutes with a 14-inch cutting diameter. A four-amp-hour battery will increase run time to 60 or 45 minutes.
  • DH2000 Hedge Trimmer: Run time is typically 65 minutes with a two-amp-hour battery or 120 minutes with a four-amp-hour battery.
  • EB6000 Handheld Blower: The EB6000 is lightweight and comfortable. It features; grouped controls, cruise control, a tool-less blower pipe with a metal wear ring, and “Posi-loc” pipe connection to keep the tubes tight.

Shindaiwa’s lithium-ion cordless trimmers and blowers will be available this Spring at Kooy Brothers! 

Kooy Brothers offers a wide selection of lawn equipment from leading manufacturers, including Shindaiwa and Echo. Contact us today to learn more!

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