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A Guide to Maximizing Efficiency with Your SnowEx Plow

New to the market this season is SnowEx’s complete lineup of snow plows. SnowEx has always been driven by innovation and a desire to exceed customer demands. Now, backed by Blizzard’s longstanding commitment to quality, they have combined the best of both worlds! 

SnowEx plows promise to be robust, durable, and tough against whatever winter has to throw at them.

SnowEx plows feature a range of proprietary systems and tools, designed to make them more efficient and easier to operate.

Automatixx Attachment System

The Automatixx attachment system – exclusive to SnowEx – allows you to hook up quickly and easily.  

It only takes 3 easy steps!

  1. Plug the plow’s wiring harness into the truck.
  2. Activate the power-attachment switches. The plow attaches and pulls the stand up in one complete motion.
  3. Engage the pin lever to the lock the plow into place.

The Automatixx attachment system comes standard on the POWER PLOW, SPEEDWING, Heavy-Duty, Regular-Duty, and Light-Duty SnowEx snow plow models.

Standard Features

All SnowEx plows come standard with user-controlled programmable features, including SECURITY GUARD, Smooth Stop/Soft Stop, and One-Touch FLOAT, designed to maximize efficiency and secure your snow plow. Plows also come standard with a long-lasting Powercoat and Storm Seeker headlamps.

The FLEET FLEX electrical system allows you to use any SnowEx plow with one controller, providing true fleet interchangeability. The system offers easy installation and your choice between a hand-held or joystick controller.  

SECURITY GUARD is an electrical anti-theft system. It allows the operator to electronically lock their plow’s hydraulic functions, deterring theft and non-permitted use.

Smooth Stop/Soft Stop allows the blade to coast to a stop when the lever or button is released, contributing to a smoother operating experience, reduced shock to the hydraulic system, and better life expectancies for hoses and valves. If you’re working in close proximity to obstacles like buildings, you should consider temporarily disabling Smooth Stop/Soft Stop to facilitate more precise movements.

One-Touch FLOAT immediately activates FLOAT mode, releasing the blade to the ground without the operator needing to hold it in ‘LOWER.’ This improves transition times between backing up and forward plowing.

Tips and Tricks for Efficient Plowing

Most SnowEx plows can be positioned in three ways:

  1. Scoop: This position (the blade remains straight while both wings are angled) allows the operator to carry and move snow with minimum spill off.
  1. Windrow: By angling the blade (wings will adjust automatically) you can effectively push snow off to a desired side. Remember to never stack with a blade angled, as that can damage the plow and/or the vehicle’s bumper.
  1. Straight: This position is effective for clearing large areas. Operators must ensure they pin the plow’s wings down using the hardware provided for safety and to prevent damage to the plow.

As a general rule, you should plow using the entire blade width for 6” of snow, 3/4 of the blade width for 9”, and 1/2 for 12”. Exceptions include using the POWER PLOW in a BUCKET BLADE position (in this case you should plow using the entire blade width regardless of the depth).

Maintaining Your SnowEx Plow

Regularly inspecting and servicing your snow plow when necessary will keep it in good condition, and ensure it is in good working order when the snow hits.

  • Inspect and test your battery regularly to guarantee peak performance
  • Make sure fasteners, mounting bolts, and hydraulic connections are closed and tight
  • Ensure electric connections (including grounds) are tight, clean, free of rust, and sufficiently coated with dielectric grease
  • Check seals and plugs for leaks, and repair as necessary
  • Regularly lubricate all moving parts
  • If the powder-coat finish has any nicks or scratches, repair both the surface and paint using SnowEx paint products

Keep your user manual handy for plow-specific guidelines about hydraulic systems, annual fluid changes, hose, fitting, and fuse replacements, blade finishes, and emergency parts and tools. Remember, Kooy Brothers is open during the worst winter weather – even snowstorms – to help you out with snow plow repairs.

If you have questions about SnowEx plows, please contact our sales department.

Kooy Brothers has been providing quality snow equipment for over 30 years. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services, including SnowEx’s complete lineup of snow plows.

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